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Sunrise over the rim of a gorge with bare trees in the foreground.

#ThanksGiving – What I’m thankful for.

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5 thoughts on “#ThanksGiving – What I’m thankful for.”

  1. Quite moving recollections, Stan. People often overlook the power of contemplation and of being grateful simply for its own fate. Heaven knows that what’s happening around does challenge our faith in the future and trust that manking will find its way before it’s too late. Thus for most of us, rather than resign and give up all hope, it does better to recognize what’s already here that makes our lives so fulfilling and meaningful. This attitude of defiance will always serve us well in the face of tragedy and carnage, as well as when things simply don’t go our way. To feel our smallness before the universe and all the great things that could be, and realize that we’re far from that golden rainbow, is a serius threat to our sanity and humanity. But we need to bear witness, not only to the unjustice and appalling state of our race, but also, to all the things that still make this world as wonderful as we’d like it to be. Thus, Happy Thankgiving to you and your loved ones.

    1. Wesley,

      Though we have not (yet) met in person, I know you’re one of the good folk. Thank you.
      Yes, even my gratitude often reveals my smallness in the face of the beauty of the world. Of course, there is far too much hate and discord spinning around as well. I just want to do my “small” part to counter it.

      Blessings to you and your loved ones as we enter the holiday season,

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