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Golden clouds and blue sky behind the silhouette of a tree

Scenes From An Intuitive Journey

To get anywhere, we must start. And usually, a journey has a destination.

Just a Sojourn

A tower of clouds fills the sky during an intuitive journey

But on this particular occasion, I was following my intuition. My spouse taught me about intuitive journeys. She has practiced these for many years and finds them very helpful.

So, I followed her lead. Instead of having a route in mind, I let each moment unfold. At each possible turn, I follow my intuitive, internal guidance system.

This is not the first time I’ve taken an intuitive journey. But it is the first time I’ve taken one since my most recent birthday (a few days ago). So, I sensed awe in this trip.

Traveling for the Journey’s Sake

As I took this sojourn, I noticed that my internal pace slowed with every choice I made. It was as if following my intuition allowed me to downshift to the speed of my body.

I didn’t go very far and I only had 24 hours. Still, I feel refreshed after following my bliss for a day.

Safety First

"The Yellow Tinker" by Solas shows on a car stereo while on a journey

Even with the potential peril of the pandemic still looming, I was able to find joy. I noticed that people wanted to talk and interact. Though we kept safe distances, I had some interesting conversations and that became a part of my travels as well.

In fact, my intuitive journey was rambling — sort of the same way I’m writing this post in a meandering way. And today, I feel fine about that.

When was the last time you followed your intuition? Did it feel good? And where did it take you?

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