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Pure Movement – Moving Journeys – Part 2

In part 1, I shared the first half of the journey of Pure Movement with you. Be sure to check that out first.

The Road

moving drum beat

One of the teachings my mentor had instilled in me is how important it is to find our tribe, our people. No one should have to move through this life on their own. This is why we are always scanning for people who might be a friend to us.

A well-versed drum ensemble in traditional cultures has a lead drummer. The cool thing is that when we find a sense of belonging, each of us is the lead drummer of our metaphorical drum circle. So, lead on.

Only Forward Movement

At times along the path, I was tempted to turn back. Either the way ahead seemed too challenging or I just could not tell which way to go. The way I’d come from would seem safer in these times. But that’s another trick the mind plays.

If life is to be about movement, it must be forward. And so, off I’d go.

No Fooling

Saying, let’s go there “again” is just fooling ourselves. We’re human, so the one guarantee is that we are always changing. We’re changing so much that the places we once were will no longer look, feel, or affect us the same as when we were there before. Backtracking is not really about getting somewhere. It’s about giving up.

When my mentor left me, they were not returning to where they had come from. Oh, no: they were no fool. They were headed somewhere quite new as they always did. My mentor was always seeking bliss. Sometimes, they’d even find it.

Aim(less) Movement

As I rounded the last corner in my pure movement journey, I began to hear melodies in my head. Then, I heard harmonies. These became whole orchestras of cascading counterpoint.

Eventually, sure enough, I saw up ahead the little village my mentor had described to me. At the time, it did not look “little” to me. What I saw was the biggest small village ever! And every person I could see seemed so happy to see me — as if they had already heard my story.

Journey to Joy

Instead, they asked me to tell it. They had created a huge bonfire and we sat around it. When I neared the end of my story, I became curious and began to ask them about their stories. My own telling trickled off into nothing as I asked about their lives and loves.

We ended the night with a jam session around the fire. Some people had instruments. A few pounded on logs and everyone sang. Our voices carried up into the treetops and the wind took those sounds to other sojourners who needed inspiration. It was a moving culmination of a journey to joy.

Of course we danced. The final movement in this sojourn was filled with dancing.

5 thoughts on “Pure Movement – Moving Journeys – Part 2”

  1. Hi, Stan. I’m always in awe about your Website and musical production. I also wonder about the images you use here. Are they from people you know or from a service you’ve contracted? Couldn’t quite find the credits. Let me know. Thanks

    1. Wesley,
      I’m so honored that you responded in this way to my blog and music! Thank you.

      Overall, the images are mine unless stated otherwise on the post (e.g., see the image at the bottom of There are one or two rare exceptions because I created the image on and was unable to find attribution. I’m an advocate for appropriate artist attribution, so if you see something I’ve done that does not meet this standard, please let me know.


      1. Oh, no problem. It’s a struggle of mine too to find attribution for pictures I need to use. I’ve been actually avoiding sites like Pinterest which is notorious for allowing posts without the proper credit. Thanks and stay safe, Stan.

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