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Clouds and autumn foliage are mirrored back by a pond in the cover for "Seeking Joy" contemplative music by Stan Stewart

Contemplative Music – Seeking Joy & Finding Bliss

You asked for it. You got it. Isn’t that the way life should be?

Contemplating Life

Literally, a few who are reading this have asked me for longer, contemplative tracks. And now you have three. First, there was “For Those In Need Of Love Today”. Thanks for all of you who have listened, added it to playlists, and put it in the rotation for your spa.

With “…In Need of Love…”, we learned that all of us do need love. I suspect this is essential to any kind of quality life.

Seeking Shift

Next up in our contemplation is “Seeking Joy”. Sometimes we do seek joy. Other times, joy finds us. This is often how I think of music — both songs I listen to and the ones I create.

Colorful autumn trees frame a tall waterfall to form the cover for "Finding Bliss" contemplative music by Stan Stewart.

We find joy.
All the other feelings find us.
So when we do not find joy, we make it.

~Stan Stewart 

Contemplative Completion

It seems to me that a journey of contemplation is never done. Any “ending” we might want is not something we can reach in this life. Still, I notice moments of wonder, awe, and — yes — even bliss.

I find my bliss with my spouse, in nature, and often in the creative process. May music — perhaps even these tracks — be a part of your contemplation. And may that bring you to whatever bliss means to you.

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