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The cover for the single "For Those In Need Of Love Today" meditative music by Stan Stewart. Photo by Leah Kelley.

For Those In Need Of Love Today

I’ve just released a new single. It’s almost 10 minutes long to give you time to fall in love again with all the people you love.

The Story

I have experienced my own grief recently. Added to this, I’ve seen so many friends mourning losses as well. To soften my own heart and to offer this experience to anyone who will listen, I created this new track: For Those In Need Of Love Today.

I hope you’ll check out the web-story below and listen wherever you stream music. Thank you.

Thank you for being a friend. And may we each learn to be friends to our selves.

The Other Version

If you’re not inclined to click on the webstories version, here are the links included there:

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