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Naked Dreams - LiveSongs

LiveSongs from #DreamThis – radio, video, and more

I have good news. I’m happy to say that my studio singer-songwriter release, “Dream This“, is getting good attention. Lots of people are streaming it; I’ve performed the songs live several times; and fans are loving it. Plus, I’m releasing a new album. Read on to learn about it.


I’m really excited to tell you that I was interviewed on a local radio station. Lee Rayburn of WHCU turned out to be a wonderful music fan and interviewer. Listen by clicking the play button below.

As I said in that interview, I’m releasing an album of live versions of the songs from Dream This. In fact…

LiveSongs – the live versions of the 11 songs from #DreamThis

Here it is: “LiveSongs”. The live versions of the songs from Dream This are here for your listening enjoyment. Thanks for your support!

Naked Dreams

In case you missed it, my first live performance of the songs from “Dream This” was livestreamed. You can still view it online. Here are a few highlights to give you a feel for that “Naked Dreams” live gig. I called it “naked” because it was just a guitar and my voice; no amplifier, no effects pedals, no microphone.

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