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The EP cover for Meditation Suite 2 by Stan Stewart

Meditation Suite 2 – Beyond Silence

I know many people who prefer silence for their meditation times.

Meditative Silence

A line of autumn trees includes yellow, gold, orange, and red leaves beside a few remaining green ones.

That’s never worked well for me. Many years ago, I created a form of meditation for myself that involved toning and movement. It was my go-to way to meditate for well over a decade. Then, I stopped practicing it. I don’t remember why.

I do find nature sounds (the real ones, please) or mellow music are very helpful when I meditate. Recently, I noticed that the music I was using for this was not working for me any more. So, I began to write some meditative music for myself.

Unsilent Silence

It’s autumn here and I always find this season inspiring. Using that inspiration along with my interest in having something that might help my own meditation, I composed and recorded. Eventually, I needed to focus on some other projects, but afterwards I returned to this one.

Fortunately, I think some of these musical recordings came out well enough to share with you. Initially, I set out to create a whole album of meditative music. Though I ran out of time to record a full album, I’m presenting a suite (or EP as some call these) starting with “SeaSong Waves”.

Meditative Videos

My father is a retired minister, so I grew up a P.K. (preacher’s kid). Prayer is familiar to me, but this “Purposefully Purple…” kind is new.

I’ve always found infatuation (being overly attracted to something — usually unhealthy) to be a distraction from meditating. So, when I was naming the tracks, “Not Infatuated” came to mind easily.

Set Your Meditation to Medium

Medium Meditation” rounds out the four tracks in this suite. (This is one of those titles that popped out of nowhere. In other words, your guess is as good as mine…)


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Thanks for following along and thank you for listening!

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