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A singing bowl in front of a wooden floor

Music Meditation – musical sounds for meditative practice

For those of you who appreciate the web-story style of posts, see below or click here to open it in a new window.

But if you prefer traditional blog posts, read on. Sound is your friend.

Pensive Ponderings

Press play to accompany your journey through this post.

A favorite track

A singing bowl for meditation with a mallet in the bowl.

If you play a favorite piece of music or song: what do these sounds bring up in you? Are your thoughts still here or are you transported?

What does this music tell you about yourself? Our loves tell us much about who we are.

Unfamiliar sounds

A meditation singing bowl on a bright-colored pillow

Music you’ve never heard before can be very enlightening, too. How do you respond to the sounds? Where does this track take you?

Do you feel at home in this unfamiliar music? Or are you transported to somewhere far away?

Immerse yourself

Let your inner self be bathed in the beauty of the musical sounds. Let it wash your soul.

The web-story

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