Sky, clouds, trees, and tears

Tears – #improv #poem

Tears So close to the edge They nestle against Nothing And the fabric of something that wants to work its […]

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Darkness and Light

Looking For Light

Death, like a vigilant watchman seems everywhere these days. From its cold November gatehouse and portcullis, It disseminates a reign […]

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Every Time

Every Time – an #improv #poem

Whatever I am right now, I have created out of the raw materials given to me. Every time I fall, […]

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Loma Prieta Quake

Quake – a song of breaking and bringing together

There is a new version of this song! I hope you’ll also give it a listen and read the rest […]

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Another Entry: Rock Island Salesmen in The Music Man

another entry – an #improv #poem

Each entry Onto the stage Is another chance To step up To who I am Becoming. Neither Theatre Nor life Are […]

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Imagination makes it easier to love

Imagination: The Art Of Brevity

This will be a very short post. It may not be the same for everyone, but sometimes words get in the […]

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“If you knew that your life’s story will be written based upon your choices and actions in 2015, how will […]

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Mount Rainier

Life and Oh, “G” moments – #piano #improv

Life and Thoughts Creating Reality Though I believe in the power of thought and know that we create our own […]

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Now: Sunset through clouds

#poem – now?

My eyes open to See the sun near The horizon; its Jagged, golden Flickers seemed to Invite me to fly […]

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Wind and Sea – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Billowing like a sail or a kite Fighting to gain a hold on the wind, My heart opens to the […]

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