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Every Time

Every Time – an #improv #poem

Whatever I am right now, I have created out of the raw materials given to me.Clock parts

Every time I fall, I learn to walk and then fly.

Every time I am silenced, I learn to speak and then sing.

Every time I mourn, I find my smiles are truer and bigger the next time they come.

Every time I close my eyes, I open to find the beauty around me is ever more vivid.

Every time I make a friend, I see the friend who lives in me.

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ for my friend Susan Featro on the occasion of her new home. She buried a copy of this under her floorboards. 🙂

Susan's Foundation
~ copyright 2015 by muz4now, inc. and Stan Stewart. All Rights Reserved.


5 thoughts on “Every Time – an #improv #poem”

  1. Every time I open my ears and quiet my heart, then words from my mouth, a little more wise, follow after.

    thank you for your beautiful words, Stan! Always enjoy!


  2. Thank you so very much, Stan. I am honored by your beautiful and meaningful words, and these will fill the spirit of the house and will be always with me.

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