Maui Juicy Sunset

Juicy – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Flow into your life With whatever subtlety or Bravado you want. Either way, you will be Accepted in these Receptive […]

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Move – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

You think you are entering The void, But this is a life that is Full to the brim. You may […]

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Maui Shift Sunset

Shift – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

At first, it is a tiny rumble: Like the quiet growl of Warning from a protective canine. Yet it is […]

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No Explanation Needed (a #poem)

When you cannot explain Beauty, change, or any of a million other things And you want to explain it away […]

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Summer Sweat

A “present moment”, spontaneous #poem – sweat

Sweat pours down my forehead and drips, coolly, first to the pockets around my nose and then onto the desk […]

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Pondering Ocean Sunrise

pondering – a spontaneous #poem

Pondering The imponderable, I awaken from The dream (Which felt like Reality until That little gasp for Air pulled me […]

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Music History Piano

This Day In Music History

That’s right: This Day In Music History. This page will change each day when you come back, listing a different […]

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Stan Stewart is a pianist

The Art of Improv, Part 2: Listen

I’m pleased to have Kevin Jacoby as a guest writer again for his “The Art of Improv” series. Be sure […]

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Present Moment - Rock And Roll

reflections on improv and life

I’m grateful for friends who share deeply with me. This brief reflection was inspired by the struggle of a dear […]

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rain on a window

Poem 0193: Rain

I try not to complain about rain. There’s something beautiful and calming about the way that it splashes, Creates a […]

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