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Pondering Ocean Sunrise

pondering – a spontaneous #poem

The imponderable,Pondering Ocean Sunrise
I awaken from
The dream
(Which felt like
Reality until
That little gasp for
Air pulled me away
From sleep and into
The new dawn).

My first thoughts
Are not quiet,
Contented or
Peaceful thoughts.
They are the
“Must do” thoughts
That will also plague
Me throughout the day.

And strangely, these
Must-do’s are not even
The essentials.
They have nothing to
Do with basic survival.
They are the obligatory
Or even constructed
Understandings of
Present reality.
They are those bits
Of fluff which at more
Conscious moments
I am aware of how
Fleeting and superfluous
They are.

So, even if only for a moment,
I quiet my over-active
Brain and over-stimmed
Just for a moment,
I allow me to just


~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc.

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    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your consistent support. All the more appreciated knowing what a creative and generous person you are!

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