Now: Sunset through clouds

#poem – now?

Now: Sunset through cloudsMy eyes open to
See the sun near
The horizon; its
Jagged, golden
Flickers seemed to
Invite me to fly to
Its center.

I lay still in the grass
With chirruping birds nearby and
Buzzing bugs enticed by the soft
Flesh of my naked neck and bare legs.

Hovering between the lush
Hug of the lawn and the
Call of more distant thoughts
And sounds,
My mind races and lulls
Like a sine wave bobbing
Equally up, down, and in-between.

But I am too drawn by the
Yellow light to stay there.
I rise and glance at the
Illuminated landscape
Within my sight.

I ask the sparkling water
And blossoming blue sky
If this is morning or

The answer comes back
From a voice as silent
As the dawn and
Colorful as sunset:

This is
Now and now and
Now and now.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart.
~ Copyright © 2014, muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved

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