Change Due

Poem: Change Due

“To change and to change for the better are two different things.” ~ German proverb

I know that what is
happening right now
is what is happening
right now.

Change DueYet, in my humanness,
I shift into thinking of
future and especially
of past

instead of being
right here,
right now.

And so,
while there are
many things I'd
like to
change about myself
and my life,

the one thing that is
to change
right now

is my veering
away from what is

Yes, I'll still be attentive
to the shopping list,
the self-improvement tapes,
connecting with my support
system, embracing my closest
friends, and other sorts of
activities that are no change
from what I've done so many
times before.

Yet change is due.
And this one adjustment
seems sure to bring
a magnitude of
blessings to me
and everyone
with whom
I connect.




~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2013, 2016 by muz4now, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Change Due”

  1. Blessings and gratitude from me to you for your willingness to still say “yes” to your life with intention to the good, determination to do all you can, gratitude for the gifts and joy. It feels like it is a gift to me, for we are connected through love. Thank you.

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