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Fear And Openness

Fear and Openness

Whatever fear invents, I swear it makes no sense.
~ Peter Gabriel (Come Talk To Me lyrics)

New love.
New life.
What is this insecurity,
This doubt?

Fear And OpennessThe danger lies
In remaining silent.
And the fear is exposed,

Made vulnerable to
The light of day.

That is the way
That it cannot

Yet even thinking of
Being overt about
Brings up more

This is the sinister
Circle that it
Creates when allowed
To fester:

Fear coupled with
Cowardice kills

So, speak it
I will.
I will say,
“I am afraid.”

I will be vulnerable
And while shaking
In my guts, I will
Know that I am
Being true
To both
Me and you.

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright 2014 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.