Another Entry: Rock Island Salesmen in The Music Man

another entry – an #improv #poem

Each entryMrs. Paroo waits for Another Entry
Onto the stage
Is another chance
To step up
To who I am

Nor life
Are a competition

With the other
Actors on the
Real or
Stage.The Music Man

However much
I may strive to
Memorize my lines,
The next entrance
Will always in so
Many ways
Be another improvisation,
Another “let's see what will happen”.

For even if I somehow managed
To perfect my own entrance,
Blocking, cues, and lines,
I can never know if
The other actors will
Stay in character
Or remember theirs.Another Entry: Rock Island Salesmen in The Music Man

In spite of certain voices
That might try to tell me otherwise,
Can also be a beautiful gift.

With this all in mind,
I take my place in the wings
Read for
Another entry.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ inspired by Encore Players' production of “The Music Man”
~ Copyright © 2015 by muz4now, inc. and Stan Stewart. All Rights Reserved.

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