Gorge Waterfall

Life is Gorgeous (Gorges) – Listen and Learn

Waiting for Life Like many people I know who often have creative ideas, I have been known to procrastinate. I’ve […]

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Winter Sunrise By Ryan McGuire

first light – an #improv #poem

Like drones rising up We are eager to catch first light. It’s Winter, so the catching Is not too difficult; […]

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Waterfall In Gorgeous Gorges

Waterfall – Gorgeous Gorges (video)

Moving water has always fascinated me. Whether it’s in a stream, faucet, ocean, or full-flowing waterfall, I enjoy the sound […]

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Expand - Tree Silhouettes

expand – two #improv #poems

Expand, version 2 Breath Go ahead Breathe me what I need To inhale Exhale Listen Wind blows and trees creak […]

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Morning Moon

Moon Morning Run – an #improv #poem

Crescent moon, Glowing iridescent through Humid clouds, Morning’s orange glow, and Aging eyes. I look Once more Inspired by your […]

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May Day piano improv: Sunset and loveliness

This is the third of three piano improvs from May 1, 2014. First, there was “Early (Part 1)“. In it […]

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Leaf / Leaves

beds of leaves – a #poem

Leaves fall in Autumn and cover the ground in layers Or beds. The top layer is dry and brittle. Touching these may […]

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rain on a window

Poem 0193: Rain

I try not to complain about rain. There’s something beautiful and calming about the way that it splashes, Creates a […]

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Moon Above Departing Thunderstorm by Joseph Green

#Poem – Effective (An Ode to the Moon)

The moon does not blaze its way From the cusp of the horizon To the heights of the atmosphere. It […]

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Winter View of The Gap

Beautiful Delaware Water Gap

Beautiful Delaware Water Gap, a photo by muz4now on Flickr. This is just around the bend of the Delaware River […]

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