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May Day piano improv: Sunset and loveliness

Sunset for piano improv inspiration
Sunset for piano improv inspiration. Click to see a larger version.

This is the third of three piano improvs from May 1, 2014. First, there was “Early (Part 1)“. In it you’ll hear predictable sounds and very stylistic, yet still spontaneously created, themes. Next, there was the student-inspired “Mouse and Elephant” with it’s dissonant chase across the keyboard. The final piano improv from this May Day session is “Sunset and Loveliness”. Like the other two, this was created in the moment and is completely unedited. If something sounds like a “mistake” to you, so be it.

This third spontaneous composition is inspired by and dedicated to my beloved  partner, Jaydn, who has shown me a kind of grace I’ve never experienced until now. I’m so grateful that she has inspired me to reconnect with the piano and improvisation and life in a visceral and dynamic way. Uplifted by the often cathartic and always expressive nature of improvising, I continue to become the best man that I can be in my new surroundings. (I moved from Pennsylvania to New York earlier this year.) And I can only give an insufficient taste of the beautiful life we are creating together in music. We often create art as an expression of what’s real in our lives. What I mean is that life is richer, more full, beautiful and amazing than anything I can imagine in art.

So here, in all of it’s insufficiency and splendor, is “Sunset and Loveliness”. If you’d like to purchase this piece or the set of three May Day piano improvs for download, you can do so by clicking on the links in the player below.

Thanks for listening and playful blessings,