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May Day piano improv: Early (part 1)

Piano ImprovYesterday, I sat down for the first time in many days and improvised on the piano. You see: piano improv is often the clearest way I can voice what’s inside of me. Certainly this was true last night. I played for a couple of hours and — in spite of some technical learning curve — was able to record (direct into my iPad via a Mackie DL806).

It was fun, cathartic, poignant, expressive and with moments of longing. Lots has changed in my life over the past year. Sometimes I long for former friends (or current friends, but who are no longer within geographical distance to get together for coffee) or situations that I’ve left behind in that time. Yesterday was one of those days for reasons that I can’t explain. And when no explanation is needed, piano improv is a graceful place for me to go. 

My current (“new”) life is filled with beauty, too. I am enchanted by my new home and also longing to press forward into what lies ahead for me. My primary relationship, new friends, upcoming projects, and continuing to create my life are more than enough to keep me interested, busy and enlivened. And most days I can go headlong into it all.

Other days, I just need to sit down and play. Here’s the first of three improvised piano pieces that I created on May 1, 2014. This first one surprised me in its common-sounding themes and refrains. Typically, I “don’t like it” when I improvise this way. Still, this one didn’t grate on my artistic spirit. I don’t know if that has to do more with this particular piano improv or who I am becoming. 

If you want to purchase this track, click through and choose your price.

Playful blessings,

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  1. Really enjoyed this blog post and enjoyed your improvisation, Stan. So often your blog posts and your music lead me to connect more deeply with myself, and that was the case tonight.

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