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Mouse and Elephant

May Day piano improv: Mouse and Elephant

Mouse and ElephantWhen I was teaching piano lessons in Pennsylvania, I had a student who was a truly inspired young lad. In addition to being a good learner, passionate about music, and with a very creative mind, he enjoyed our explorations into improvisation. So, we did duet piano improv together. My memories of it are sweet and inspiring.

One of the improv stylings we would use occasionally was called “little boy and the monster” or “the mouse and the elephant”. Basically, one of us would lumber about in the low register and the other would tinkle some keys at the right end of the keyboard. Then, occasionally one or the other of us would quickly venture into the other’s territory and then back to our own. It was a fun game and often created playful textures in the piano improvisation.

Without realizing it at first, one of my improvisations from May 1 of this year had some of the flavor of those duets. Without further adieu, here is “Mouse and Elephant” inspired by my piano student. Wherever you are in your adventures, Jack, keep creating, but most of all: have fun!

If you’d like to download this piano improv, click through on the player above and name your price. You can also hear the first in this series of three May Day piano improv pieces.

Playful blessings,

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