Change Due

Poem: Change Due

“To change and to change for the better are two different things.” ~ German proverb I know that what is […]

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Untimely – a spontaneous poem by Stan Stewart

As untimely as snow in Spring, Love comes and goes. Not wanting or waiting for Mortal desires, it flashes In […]

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Heartburn – a poem by Stan Stewart

I have heartburn and what I mean by that is that my heart is breaking thinking of the relationships I […]

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piano improv

please give for post-Sandy relief

Please give of your time or money (or both) to help the people affected by the storm known as Sandy. […]

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Old piano keys

interdeterminate – improv catharsis

Music can express all sorts of feelings. Improvised music can have a particular niche when it comes to these sorts […]

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Poem 0174 of 1,000: sleep

Unwanted fatigue overtakes my worn out sinews. Brain wanted to continue, but heart and flesh Are giving out. Only for […]

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just(is) breathe

Poem: vast

Invited by you, I open the doorway to my imagination And find there a vast, undiscovered country Filled with fun […]

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#Poem: standing

You, standing there and Seeming to hold your breath; You, opening the window To your own longing and discovery. You, […]

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Heart Rocks

#Poem – rock

There is A heart-shaped Rock. We call it Our garden. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © 2011, 2016 by muz4now, […]

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#Poem – siblings

Siblings all: We make silent agreements not to breathe each other’s air Or steal the ground where another’s feet already […]

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