Child's Smile (Heart Leaps)

heart leaps – an #improv #poem

As part of #Quest2015, Pam Houston provided this prompt: “Sit quietly and ask yourself, what in the last day or […]

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Painting Piano: Water Painting 2

The Swim – an #improv #poem


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Wind and Sea – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Billowing like a sail or a kite Fighting to gain a hold on the wind, My heart opens to the […]

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Luminous Darkness

luminous darkness – a spontaneous #poem

A soft light hovers and sways As I approach the doorway. The voice I hear Is inviting enough. Yet my […]

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Rain (bow)

seal my heart with soft rain

Rain has been pouring, showering, Gushing and sprinkling all day. Until today, there had been only The memory of rain. […]

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Green Heart

Yes – a spontaneous #poem by Stan Stewart

Yes. That is the answer my senses give to The question that has not been asked. No need to wait […]

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here – a spontaneous #poem

Under this soft exterior Lies an even softer heart. It seems to have weathered What sometimes seemed Like pummeling And […]

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Love Cuppa

Non-Love Song – an #improv #poem

It’s enough to say I give my love away Too easily. Each time, my soft heart Breaks. I’m not that […]

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Summer Sweat

A “present moment”, spontaneous #poem – sweat

Sweat pours down my forehead and drips, coolly, first to the pockets around my nose and then onto the desk […]

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Thin Heart

#Poem – To open a heart

She invited me to take a breath and it was then that I realized I had not been breathing. I think, […]

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