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Love Cuppa

Non-Love Song – an #improv #poem

It’s enough to say
I give my love away
Too easily.

Each time, my soft heart
Breaks. I’m not that smart
When it

Love CuppaComes down to stuff like
Feelings. They do spike
My pulse

And set synapses
On fire. Now with this

Stash in my weary
Brain, holding bleary
(I guess)

Expectations so
Unspoken and though —
No fault

Of their own — they lead
To a far deeper bleed
In this

Corazón. “Endings
Are new beginnings”
My friends

Tell me. But not ’til
The heart-crack can fill
With love.


~ spontaneously improvised by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc.

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