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here – a spontaneous #poem

"Here" DawnUnder this soft exterior
Lies an even softer heart.
It seems to have weathered
What sometimes seemed
Like pummeling

And sometimes seemed
Like cradling.

Holding on to either
Never got this heart

Face towards the morning
Sun, it awakens to
The emptiness of
The new day,

And seeing the vacant
Opening, it is
Filled again with
Both the
Grief of not-knowing
And the passion to pulse

For another day.
(Come what may.)

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ copyright © 2013 by muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “here – a spontaneous #poem”

  1. Hola Stan,

    Another nice one, poetry man! 🙂

    You are getting good at these “contrast metaphors”, like life itself, ying and yang, bright and dark, etc…

    “Come what may.”
    Carpe diem…



  2. How well you express the here and now of life..we give and we hold back, we receive and we lose..we question, ‘why’ and hopefully we continue a little apprehensive of the unknown and eager to experience. Life is a series of paradoxes

    1. Dorianna,

      First, I’m honored and humbled that you visited my blog. I am a passionate fan of your poetry.

      And yes, you are so right that the unknown often comes to us in the paradoxical packages of fear and desire. It is our response to those feelings (not the unknown itself) that decides our path.

      Thanks and blessings,

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