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Boy On A Bicycle broken flowers (by Ryan McGuire)

Boy On A Bicycle – an improv #poem

Well, there he is again.
Sure, I thought he was gone.
I forgot that he is not here
To haunt me;

Only to bring the lessonBoy On A Bicycle broken flowers (by Ryan McGuire)
Of my life back to my
Again and again.

For the heart of the
Boy on a bicycle
Was surely broken.
Yes, it’s been mended
Again and again.

This time, I see in his
Broken flowers —
Not the root of self-pity, but
The seed of caring for another.

Like the love of an ideal mother
For her child;
Not from pity or obligation.
She loves from the center
Of her being.

Yes, today the boy on the bicycle
Is not me.
It is my love.

So my heart opens even wider
In its embrace of her
And the ones she sought
To show love to with
A token of her affection.

Sunrise for Boy On A Bicycle (by Ryan McGuire)Today’s broken flowers may
Be gathered up again
(Like the boy on a bicycle did)
Or they may sit out in the
Rain, soaking up their lingering

Either way, the hearts have
Already been
And the love has been

I see it now as the
Sun rises on the
Other side of
My tears.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2015 by muz4now, inc. and Stan Stewart. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Boy On A Bicycle – an improv #poem”

  1. Lovely, Stan. This reminds me of my wedding, when my husband and I rode from the church to the reception in a carriage and two little kids on bicycles followed us. One little boy stopped to pick wildflowers growing along the road and handed them up to me. It was poignant and perfect. Thanks for conjuring up a good memory through your words. I especially love the lines “to bring the lesson/Of my life back to my/Heart/Again and again.” Beautiful and true. We need those kinds of reminders, over and over and over.

    1. Yes, Brenna! First, I’m delighted that you literally responded to this poem within a few minutes of me publishing it. I’m so honored to be read by a delightful writer like you.

      Then, I agree: The reminders are important. In many ways, I was glad to get this one (though it meant a partially sleepless night after a significant performance). As you can read-between-the-lines, there is more behind this story. And I’m so glad you “get it” anyway.

      Playful blessings,

      1. It’s a pleasure reading your writing, Stan! Oh, that between-the-line-ness…….yes. That’s the great power of good writing, I think–you can write from your own deep heart’s core, and speak the things you need to speak, and someone else can read it and it expresses what is in their own heart, too.

          1. Paul,

            Thanks for reading and responding. For me, this is a real-life, internal story that keeps coming back — mostly in poetry.

            Playful blessings,

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