Ninth heartspace

#Poem – ninth heartspace

(give the heartspace) Given its opening And closing, This heart is less A witness to The outside world And more […]

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Open Heart

#Poem – eighth heartspace

Ka-thump! It sounds repeatedly. This heart may be tired, But it is not done. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © […]

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Heartspace 7

#Poem – seventh heartspace

Beauty may be in the Eyes of the beholder. Beauty is certainly in the Heart of the one who sees […]

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Heart Leaps

#Poem – sixth heartspace

As the moment of wonder Leads me into its myriad Of fears and inspirations I begin — however tentatively — […]

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Bold Heart

#Poem – fifth heartspace

Tender are the mercies We must bring to Listening when the Telling is tender, too. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright […]

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hand-drawn heart

#Poem – fourth heartspace

Do hearts open and Close like the yapping Mouths of adults who Are self-absorbed with Their own mundanities? Or is […]

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Green Heart

#Poem – third heartspace

Having made room For two open hearts Here, What would cause us to Push that space away? Only the closing […]

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Purple Heart

#Poem – second heartspace

Under the current Of blood that flows — In we creaturely Characters — Is a pump as gigantic As a […]

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Thin Heart

#Poem – first heartspace

If you have ever wondered What sort of living Tissue makes up The heart, You have surely Pieced together That […]

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#Poem – one or more

We built this house. Though the concrete and two-by-fours Were already in place We surely built it. It was our […]

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