love is on repeat

Love Is On Repeat – 6th singer-songwriter release

Repeat My sixth singer-songwriter release is “Love Is On Repeat”. After several delays, I’m really happy to be offering this […]

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Earth. Quake.

Quake – a song revisited

Earthquake “Quake“: Yes, this song was inspired by a real earthquake. I’ve written previously about that experience and how it […]

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We All Have Our Own Dreams – beatcity 4th song release

Dreams are only thoughts you didn’t have time to think about during the day. ~ author unknown Songs of Dreams […]

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Open Heart

Squid – Look All Around – 3rd song release

Stories: Squid Some stories are easier to tell than others. It seems that many of my songs have vulnerable tales […]

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Confession to Compassion

Confession:Reflection – 2nd singer-songwriter release from Stan Stewart

My second singer-songwriter release is “Confession:Reflection”. Over the years, this has been one of my most popular original songs when […]

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YET – first sing-songwriter release from Stan Stewart

I’ve finally released my first song. It’s about discovering — when I graduated from high school — more about who […]

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tweets on Twitter

#2FollowTuesday – volume 2

Here we go with round two of people I enjoy interacting with on social networks. Check back here for Tuesday updates […]

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Mystery of life

live the mystery – creative living as solution

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. ~ Sören Kierkegaard This is the […]

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Creativity and Ego

doing creativity for praise is ego suicide

Doing creativity for praise is ego suicide. ~ Kirby Curtis This post is the second in a trilogy of blogs based […]

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Don't Get Ahead Of Yourself

don’t get ahead of yourself

“Every journey begins where you are.” ~ Larry Crabb This post is inspired and propelled by my on-line friend Snow […]

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