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A piano keyboard seen from the far left end of it. Two hands are playing the keys near the middle of the keybed.

The Piano In The Dining Room – streaming where you listen

It’s true: you may listen to my new album — The Piano In The Dining Roomwherever you stream music. And thank you for listening.

For Reals Reels

You’ve already heard and seen music videos one (SpellBound), two (Let It Be), and three (The Waterfall). Thanks for making those the most-watched premieres on my video channel!

Here’s a web-story version of the release including links to the videos, tracks, and full album on all the streaming platforms. Click the “find your stream” buttons to listen to these piano solos on your favorite online radio.

Real Release

Now, you get to hear the whole album. (My VIP members heard it over 2 months ago!) So far, the reviews from fans have been full of high praise. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Apple and Spotify Listening

If you like to listen on Apple Music or Spotify, here you go…

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