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Red and white spotlights beam out from a concert stage.

Peter Gabriel (live, in concert) and me

Peter Gabriel in concert: I am so pleased that I was able to attend the Pittsburgh show in the i/o tour. It inspired me. It made me reflect on the huge impact this musician and human being have had on me. I invite you to view my web-story about how PG has influenced me.

More Than This

In case you don’t get to the web-story (link above and preview below), I’ll give you a few highlights.

PG’s new album is named “i/o”, so that’s what he named this tour as well. In the web-story, I share the setlists where he includes many of these new songs. He also includes about the same number of songs from previous albums. These live versions were really inspiring to me. Violin, cello, trumpet, French horn, and wonderful voices added so much to the more usual bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums.

There were new and long-time bandmates: Tony Levin on bass has toured with Peter Gabriel for 47 years. That’s pretty amazing! Every member of the band brought a lot to the performances.

In particular, Ayanna Witter-Johnson was impressive on both vocals and cello. Her rendition of the middle verse on “Don’t Give Up” is my favorite one ever. As you can hear in the video clip below, the rest of the audience appreciated it, too.

The songs influenced by Peter Gabriel

Among Peter’s songs, I note his influence on me. I share my songs where that impact was particularly strong along the way. I was really surprised about how much he has inspired me and my songwriting.

Here are the streaming links for the songs mentioned in this web-story. Peter Gabriel deeply inspired some aspect of each one of these:

And a video playlist with all five songs…

The Peter Gabriel influence web-story

One more thing about Peter: he mentioned every single member of his band by name several times during the concert. He also collaborated with and acknowledged the visual artists involved with the sets and videos. I think that this kind of recognition is so important. Perhaps this is another way that Mr. Gabriel has influenced me.

The posts

These are the blog posts I linked from the web-story. Again, these are my songs on which Peter Gabriel had an impact.

Thank you for reading and listening. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

Huge thanks to our family who gave my spouse and I tickets to this concert. You chose this birthday gift well.

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  1. It’s incredible how Peter Gabriel’s influence shines through in these songs. His impact on my songwriting journey has been truly remarkable, and I’m excited to share these tracks that reflect his inspiration.

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