muz4now Presents

Peter Gabriel

and me

Attending a concert inspired me to share how much this human being and his music have influenced me.

New songs were intermingled with classics like


that got the crowd dancing.

In 1977, I had just started listening to art rock when Peter released his first solo album.


It came as no surprise that the encores in this tour were the same as they often have been:

In Your Eyes

and Biko.

Peter Gabriel's ballads -- like Here Comes The Flood -- touched my heart.

is one example of what these brought up in me.

Peter has always had a flair for the dramatic. On his i/o tour, he featured the visuals of

several artists

providing the backdrop for the new songs.

This dramatic flair inspired me to write art rock songs like

Drink In

For as long as I can remember, Peter Gabriel has been an inspiration for me.

Mountain Rose

I don't remember (pardon the pun) where I was the first time I heard

Solsbury Hill

but it was the first art-rock song that caught my ear.

There are so many other ways that Peter Gabriel has influenced me. What I know for sure is that when

was compared to his style, I was elated.

That's just a taste of the ways PG has influenced me. I haven't even touched on how his

has also affected me. For now, I'll simply add this: Thank you, Peter!