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Snow Story – song 9 – help a child

Trigger warning: this story and song are about child abuse. Take care of yourself, please.


Snow Story Bank Up to this point, the stories behind my songs have been all about me. Though still personal, this time the story and intention behind the song are the point. So I am offering this as the takeaway from this story in song:
Help create a world where children are cared for in loving and positive ways. Help end child abuse.

In addition, this story is difficult to tell because it’s “negative”. I like to be positive, doing my best to come at everything from an uplifting angle. In this case, the only way for this to be uplifting is if we all respond to end the cycle of violence.

And it is a cycle. When children are abused, they too often become adults who suffer from their own mental, emotional, and even physical challenges.

Too Much

Snow Story WaterfallChildren need care. Yet, too often, adults who are their potential caregivers provide anything but that. In my neighborhoods, in personal relationships, and as a former protestant minister, I’ve seen far too many cases of child abuse. Of course, one case would be too many.

Because of this exposure, I have sometimes tried to imagine what it is like to be a child who does not receive appropriate care. In one of these imaginings, I created this song.

My intention is not to assume that I know what it’s like, but to call attention to the plight of children without positive home situations. There are a myriad number of ways that we can help end the cycle of child abuse. Start with learning what it means to be a parent providing positive child care.

Then, donate (if you are able) to one of the many organizations like Society for the Positive Care of Children or similar charities in your country. I am choosing to give all proceeds from this song to a child advocacy charity.

Snow Story

Thank you for reading and listening. Thank you for being part of ending the abuse cycle and creating a better world.

The video for this song will use the piano/voice version for its soundtrack. It is something quite different from my other videos in many ways including content, approach, and message. The other version of the song is probably the hardest vocal rock you’ll ever hear me create. More about that is on its way…

3 thoughts on “Snow Story – song 9 – help a child”

  1. I like to thanks for giving a part to help children’s by your song. I would like to say every one to help the child near of you. if you are a teacher, give him education. If you are a doctor give him medication. by that we all can fulfill all his/her requirements and present him a happy life that he deserve form us. Thanks to the Auther

    1. Thanks for listening and responding! Yes, every adult can help make the world better for children.
      Best wishes with your work of spreading children’s stories.

      Playful blessings,

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