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Mountain Rose

The fractal and lyric video for “Mountain Rose”

Lyric Video Resurrected The Radio

I’m excited to share with you the video for my eighth song release, “Mountain Rose”. While creating the fractal video for “Drink In”, I had enough fun that I decided to try my hand at it again. I’ve chosen the live, piano version of the song for this lyric video. Also, you’ll see a quote from Kahlil Gibran during the scat solo. (You may want to read the story of “Mountain Rose” in my earlier blog post.)


All of you who have been following along know that my singer-songwriter releases are an artwork of the heart. They are a sort of story-in-song that begins when I graduated from high school and continues to now. There are still at least three more songs to go and among them are the newest, most vibrant songs of the series. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Thank you

And for all of you who are staying tuned into this series, I’m truly grateful. At this point, I would continue releasing these songs no matter what. So your support is the most blessed gift possible. On top of my own need to put these out into the world, your support and listening ear are a more honoring and beautiful bonus than I ever could have imagined. Thank you.

Lyric Video for Mountain RoseRight now, I’m particularly grateful to my VIP fans who are providing me with the means to continue to make music and videos to accompany them. I recently switched from Patreon to the VIP service on Bandcamp. It turns out that this decision has been stellar. In addition to reducing my stress, this shift has led to an increase in the number of people who are genuinely supporting me through a pledge. This patronage allows me to be a music maker while providing them with first listens/views and other perks. For example, they got to see/hear this lyric video before the rest of the world heard about it. If you are interested, please visit my VIP page or contact me for more information.

Gearheads Unite

For the technically inclined, the fractals including animation were created in Ultra Fractal; the lyrics and titles were added in Apple iMovie 10; the song was mixed in Avid Protools 12 using the SonicCouture Hammersmith Pro piano in NI Kontakt 5; and the vocal was recorded on a R0DE NT1-A. If you’re curious about any of the other technology involved, please leave a comment (below) or connect with me.