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facebook is crossed out on a phone screen. Photo by Thought Catalog.

The state of social networks – #socmed and community on the web

Social networks are in upheaval as takeovers, startups, and other changes are rampant. People are leaving Twitter (now “X”) for new networks like Threads and different social sites like Mastodon.

Let me know in the comments or your favorite social network where you are finding a social home on the web. Or maybe — just like I feel some days — you want to trash it all and just have in-person meetups! Whatever you’ve decided, I’d like to hear from you.

Meanwhile, check out my web-story about this mess and then read on…

What’s up with social?

As you can imagine, there's already a movement on the rebranded "X" social network to continue to call things tweets, tweeps, and Twitter.

It seems like social networks have become a billionaire playground. But the ones who are having less fun are all the non-billionaire playmates: that’s you and me.

Much has been said about the Twitter takeover and rebranding. Messy? Yes, in every way. Engagement has dropped on that platform and the push to pay is in high gear.

Some have chosen to subscribe to get the blue or yellow checkmark. Many others have left Twitter. Among those who are still tweeting, there’s a movement on to keep calling things tweets, tweeps, and so on. Isn’t the “X” branding just a joke?

Before the takeover, many musicians and artists found Twitter to be an excellent way to share their new releases. Now, most of us have seen it dry up as a community building or promotional haven.

How many socials does one billionaire need?

facebook is crossed out on a phone screen. Photo by Thought Catalog.

Many have taken to the various Meta platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and the new Threads social network.

Another social network became popular with many Twitter escapees: Mastodon. This platform takes a completely different approach. There is no central control and no corporation in charge. Instead, there is a federated web of servers that allow people to interact, but also give the option for one server to block another if the content is problematic.

One very positive thing about Mastodon is that interactions are generally much kinder and more cordial than on most of the other social networks. For now, I’ll be posting there.

Social to Infinity

There are many other social networks including Bluesky, TikTok, and so on. What social networks are your favorites? And what draws you to them? I’d really like to hear from you in the comments or — heaven forbid — on a social network.

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