Indies - Should solopreneurs have a website?

Indies - should solopreneurs have a website?

Or is my Facebook page good enough?

This Is Serious


Some of you are laughing because we shouldn't have to ask this. Some of you are laughing because you can't imagine managing your own site.

So many choices


After all, there are tons of social networks, branded platforms (Substack, Medium, etc.), or free sites I can choose from. Why should I pay for my own website?

Flying solo


But with all of those social and branded options, you "own" nothing. The platform controls your content including shutting you down without notice.

Hire or drive


With your own website, you build brand from day one. You can literally build it yourself or hire a professional to make it for you.

The sky's the limit


Other platforms may help you draw people to you, but leave you to the whims of their owners. With your own website, you decide the content and maintain your personal style.