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Get Real – How Community Informs Reality

The devil’s in the details.

Eating My Words

When I wrote the previous post about piano sample libraries, I had no idea how much impact sharing it would have. Besides the usual shares on social networks and via my newsletter, I thought this one might be appreciated on some of the community forums. I shared it several places, but the most interesting feedback came from vi-control.

One response said that the Quantum Leap Bechstein example in my post did not match the sound from a YouTube video. Sure enough, the piano sound in that video was so much clearer than the one I had recorded.

Retracing Steps

After reviewing my setup, I realized how mine had become muddled. (There was a significant phasing issue with the use of 2 mic positions.) So, I adapted my configuration, re-recorded the Bechstein, and even gave a higher ranking to this piano sound in my lineup. It’s rare that I revise blog posts, but it made complete sense in this case. I also posted a mea culpa in the forum.

That piano sample library still won’t be one of my favorites, but glad to know it has fans who use it in their compositions. As always, we don’t have to agree about everything to be in community with each other.

Community Coming Together

Whenever I am vulnerable enough in community, I am struck by the way the interactions can make us all better. I learned a lot from this interaction. And it seems like others were grateful for what I had offered in my piano library posts.

This is how human connections are supposed to work: we share with each other in ways that help us all to benefit. Okay, I’m getting a little too preachy now, so let me say this another way.

I think it was really cool how I got something from the forum conversation. It’s even better knowing that others got something from it, too.

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