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Taughannock Falls (a tall waterfall) in winter snow

Winter Ain’t Comin’ – It’s Here!

I know that winter is an unpopular season with many who will read these words. Hopefully, you’ll bear with me anyway.

Winter Is Coming

A snow covered valley in a forest

For those of you who have been following my blog and my music releases, you know how much winter inspires me. The other seasons are great, but they just don’t hold the same power of the muse.

In case you don’t believe me, I’m going to share just a few of the tracks and albums that have the inspirational power of winter in common. I hope you’ll listen to a few or all of them.

Seasonal Affective Inspiration

Everyone needs some moments of restfulness. Restful Longing ties right into that.

Be Ready is from the same album, but has a different mood. Of course, it’s also inspired by winter.

There’s No Inspiration Like Snow Inspiration

A few winters ago, I was inspired to compose two suites of instrumental tracks named Snow Day Suite and Snow Day II. I created what I called an “ambient orchestra” as instrumentation for these.

There was also the time that a winter interview and a Snowy Scene led to a few piano improvisation tracks. I had no access to my music studio, so I created the music and the video on an iPad.

Winter Is Here

I’ve also written and recorded several songs inspired by wintertime. These include New Magic, Snow Story, and Mountain Rose.

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