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Restful Longing Sunset

Restful Longing – a restless instrumental

Longing is often restless. And now, it can be restful, too.

Press play and listen while you read. The video version is at the bottom of this post.

Restless and Restful

Restful Longing (cover art)

Most of all, I’m asking you to pray for a loved one — let’s call her “E” — and her family. She has been diagnosed with a stage-four sarcoma (cancer). We’re deeply concerned for her and want all possible good energy going her way. We also hold her spouse and child dearly in our hearts.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. So, for today, hug the ones you love and light a candle for those who are far away.

Caring Too Deep For Words

I’m sharing this music in honor of E. I hope you’ll share it with a friend.

E has a wonderful smile and a vibrant spirit. She is a yoga teacher; mother; connected with family and friends; spreader of love; and bringer of life. Though she seems like the sort of person who should be exempt from fearful things like cancer, it turns out that she is not. And so, we pray for E along with her caregivers and family. Indeed, we are longing for her to live.

A “Note” About the Music

A flute seemed like the ideal instrument to carry the melody in this track. It is a restful sound. It also seems like a wonderful match for E’s energy.

The remaining instruments are ones that remind me of the fragility of life. They are sparse, unpredictable, and episodic. At the same time, they undergird the melody and occasionally even ride at the edge of overtaking it.

Thank you for listening, praying, and energizing the best possible tomorrow. May you embrace the restful longing in you.

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