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Reflection: Nature Is a Mirror – Don’t Miss What It Reflects

Finding my reflection is something I rarely did on purpose…

I love our newest housemate. She teaches me so much.


This new member of our household is a dog. One thing she taught me recently is that nature is a mirror. (I know that I only see things this way because of projection, but bear with me if you will.)

When she feels bored or insecure, I notice her looking out the window more. My story is that she does this to find that mirror in the natural world. She’s looking for the reflection that will lead her through.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Lake Reflection

Next thing I know, she’s “asking” to go out. And once we get outdoors, she makes a beeline for the thing that attracted her. I am amazed at her insistence; as if she knows how important these reflections can be to becoming our best selves.

So, I started to watch for the lessons from nature‘s mirror. I’m still learning how to see and hear what it’s trying to tell me, but there have been some inspiring moments.

For example, one day I was feeling agitated and unsettled. The storm that had been bringing wind and rain outside began to subside. And then an opening in the clouds let the morning sun come through. The sense of calm I had inside was from a message of “this is temporary and will pass”.

Look and Listen

Mirror Lake Red Leaves

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t have this figured out. I only have an idea that I hope is helpful to you and to me. You can thank my dog.

Have you had a moment when you sensed that nature was giving you a mirror? That the natural world — maybe the wind or cycles of day/night and seasons — has much to teach us? I’d enjoy hearing your stories! Leave a comment here or send me a message on Twitter. Thank you.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been having a chat over on the DebateReligion subreddit of and came to a similar conclusion as you regarding God making Man humanity in hisher image. The person I was debating explained that this does not mean she has literal arms and legs but rather has the capacity for “reverence, contemplation, wisdom, tact, forbearance, reasonableness, enlightenment, detachment, trustworthiness, justice, prudence, etc.”

    I replied “I wonder if these sensed attributes instead of being aspects of a celestial being, could rather be reflections of ourselves from the mirror of nature, with different levels of refraction and clarity.”

    I was looking for other entries on the concept of nature as a mirror and found your little blog here. Cheers.

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