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Learn How to Turn the World Into Your Child’s Oyster

In America, children attend school about 180 days per year. While school is beneficial, it may not be your child’s most important learning environment. Most Children learn by mimicking adults and interacting with their environment. Turning the world into your child’s classroom can provide numerous benefits.

Parents wanting to improve their children’s opportunities for success may consider additional education for themselves. For example, you can enroll in an online degree program or certification course from home. Learning a new language, reading books, and watching documentaries are also ways to expand your knowledge base. By learning more, you’ll feel more confident helping your children learn new things. 

Embrace Music

Children naturally love music, and embracing this can provide many benefits. While learning to play a new instrument is great for children’s cognitive growth, even listening to a new song can be an incredible experience. Try introducing your child to different genres of music to expand their horizons. Learn trending (or previously trending) dances to help improve coordination, balance, and muscle strength. The most important thing is to have fun with it as a family.

Learn To Make Chores Fun 

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Giving your child chores can help teach them responsibility and goal setting. It can also help your home run smoother and allows kids to learn essential life skills. Every person should learn cooking, basic sewing, and how to clean a home. This includes how to operate essential appliances, such as the washer, dryer, stove, and microwave.

Chores don’t have to be boring, either. Use your imagination to turn these tasks into a game. Set a timer and see how much can be done before it goes off. Place chores into a bowl and let everyone choose at random. Children thrive when they’re challenged. The chores appropriate for each age group will vary drastically, but even toddlers can benefit. Have them help pick up their toys each day. You can turn it into a game by having them throw non-breakable toys into their containers to see if they can make the shot. 

Have a World Culture Night 

A fun idea for the whole family is to designate a world culture night where you explore different aspects of a particular culture. You can even get an outline map of the world and color each country as you explore it. This can be done once a week or once a month, whatever works best for your family’s schedule.

For world culture night, consider letting your children take turns choosing the country. If they aren’t sure which countries there are, offer them a few suggestions to pick from. To explore the country from home, look up traditional food items and cook those for dinner that night. You can find music from any given country online on YouTube or Vimeo. As the parent, take the time to write down a small paragraph about the country and its people. Older children may enjoy writing their own small paragraphs or finding interesting facts to contribute. Consider looking for documentaries or movies based on your child’s chosen country.

Take Your Child’s Learning Beyond the Classroom

While school is important, it’s far from the only place children learn. You can turn the world into your child’s classroom with these great ideas and a little imagination of your own.

Laura Pearson is passionate about teaching the younger generation. Edutude.net was built to share resources on how to keep children engaged and in love with learning. 

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