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Nature's Power: The Lightning Tree 4

Poem 0170: nature’s power

Nature's Power: The Lightning Tree 5Since Thursday, nature has been boldly
Requesting my attention.
It was Thursday when lightning ripped a hole
In the tall pine tree next to the house.

The rip went from top to bottom.
Bits were strewn everywhere across the yard
And up on the roof.
A board in the fence was broken.
The garage door opener no longer works.

Nature has power.

Nature's Power: The Lightning Tree 3Today, in the throes of my workday,
My desk chair suddenly wobbled in that
Telltale way. It was as if the whole world
Was shaking
underneath me.
At least the little bit of it near enough by
To cascade into my legs and the legs of
My chair.

I knew that sensation from 1989.
So long ago and so recent.
Oakland. Bridges and freeways
Came down that day.
Today, as I understand it, there
Was less drama, but no less of an
Attention getter for me.

Nature's Power: The Lightning Tree 2Nature: you have my attention.
I believe that you have power.

Thank you.

Nature's Power: The Lightning Tree 1I love you.


~ by Stan Stewart
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3 thoughts on “Poem 0170: nature’s power”

  1. Interesting to hear you felt the quake!
    Quakes, lightning, garage door hit, pieces on the roof and more. Will the tree have to come down or can it be saved?

    1. Hi, Mom and Dad,
      We don’t know if the tree has to come down for sure, but it’s likely. It was pretty severely damaged. Couple that with it’s height and position between the garage & house and… you get the idea.

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