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more on branding (or not)

It’s obvious that I’m not the only one with an interest in and concern about branding for artists. My earlier post on this subject was linked and (privately) commented more times than almost any internet article I’ve ever written. So, now, I’ll share with you a few thoughts I’ve had and some of the information that’s been shared with me about my branding and trademarking posts.

  • I appreciate getting all the great feedback. Your comments and suggestions have enlivened my own muse regarding “what’s in a name?” and how creative people can market ourselves. At the same time, let me say for the record that if you ever want to comment right here on my new site, that would really be awesome and I’d be indebted to you (hint, hint).
  • Some people wanted to share with me about when branding gets to be too much. Or ways in which is may not be applicable at all. Good stuff. Read it now or book mark it for reading within the next week.

So what’s the “take-home” on marketing and especially branding: However much we as artists want to have art in the world, we also have product. And if we want to sell this product, we must have a way of getting it in front of the ears and eyes of people. That means marketing and in today’s world, that means branding. (Yes. You’re doing branding even if it’s your own name. Again I’d refer you to my earlier post on this subject.) I know only too well what it means to fail to do branding and then stay diligent about whether there is any encroachment on my brand now … and now … and now … and now.

Seriously, I have to get back to making music now!

Playful blessings,