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Treman autumn scene

I’m pretty sure that Autumn is my favorite season

It’s early autumn and I don’t seem to have anything ready to post. But then again, it’s Fall and that’s my favorite season. At least I’m pretty sure it is. Winter is a major contender, too…

Trails for any season in the Finger Lakes
Finger Lakes trails are wonderful in Fall

(By the way, if you click on any of the photos in this post, you’ll see a larger version of the image. You’re welcome!)

Autumn in the Finger Lakes

I currently live in the Finger Lakes region of New York (state, not city), USA. It’s a truly beautiful area. And this season is no exception. Besides the changing colors of the leaves on the deciduous trees, the silhouettes they create for sunsets is never better than in the Fall.

Cloudy sunset
Fall sunsets (made complete by Autumn clouds)
Autumn forests, grasses, and clouds
Autumn treeline and grasses

Fall Falls

As you probably know, one of my favorite local features here are waterfalls. In particular, I am mesmerized by and drawn to Taughannock Falls. It’s spectacular in Autumn.

Taughannock Falls through the autumn trees
Taughannock Falls through the trees on the trail
Taughannock Falls in autumn
Taughannock Falls with autumn trees from the overlook

Finger Lakes panorama of color

And the Finger Lakes scenery is about water, gorges, and lakes. Come visit us in the Fall if you can!

A Finger Lakes lake
Finger Lakes scene through the autumn trees
Owasco Lake panorama
Owasco panorama

Do you still want more photos of this beautiful season? Click here.

3 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure that Autumn is my favorite season”

  1. Mine too! It breaks my heart at times being here in Central Texas when so many places have so much beauty going on, but I’ve seen a little, photographed what I could, painted what I can. I have to breath that in & enjoy pics such as yours, Stan ❤️

    1. Ah, very kind of you, Felipe! You are clearly an appreciator of beauty, so I can imagine your heart longing for MORE. Thanks for reaching out and see you around the interwebs…

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