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Weekend Getaway (Chimney Bluffs)

Weekend Getaway – an #improv #poem

Weekend Getaway Wine Glass Sunset

Before they knew there was something to celebrate
One of them was planning a getaway.
Just a short weekend in a place not too far away
Where they could relax and luxuriate.

The other was worried about the money: how
The devil
Would they pay for a weekend away if they were
Barely paying the bills.

One set a plan in motion and put the reservation
On a credit card. You know how it is.
The other painted dread in his head.
But a weekend escape sounded good anyway.

Weekend Getaway Beach Rocks

One added an hour for each of them in the spa:
Nothing too extravagant. Just a massage.
The other thought of the dollar signs and
Creditors and balance sheets and weekends without working.

Often enough, things start out quite simply:
One imagines the good and the other
Fears the worst. Surely the truth, the reality,
And the experience are somewhere between these.

One drove the first part of the journey in the car.
There was plenty of sunshine to see the sights.
Just before the getaway, the other had received good news
After years of piecemeal work and livelihood.

Weekend Romance

One said, “Let’s use our getaway to celebrate.”
It seemed like such a good idea, too.
The other said, “Yes, let’s!” and thought how
They could use the weekend to reconnect.

One said, “Why don’t you drive the rest of the way?”
They had just finished a hike along a lake coast.
The other, with eyes closed and hands clasped,
Exhaled. It felt like the first time in a long time.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.