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Tricky Treats

Tricky Treats – an #improv #poem by Stan Stewart

Snowy Treats Winter laid her long white
Coat across the land this morning.
Trick or treat may have been
Festivities intended for another time, but
Each season has plenty of both up its sleeve.

Slick places on pavement and
Frigid talons on frozen prey.
The beauty of wedding-dress
Luxury, dressing all the land
And trees and sand.

Each gift that nature gives us
Seems to come with such a double-edged
Tricky TreatsSword;
Whether it be the changing of seasons,
The passion of creating or
The love of one’s own offspring.

The only way to accept the gift fully
Is to embrace both the trick
And the treat.

~ “Tricky Treats” was created spontaneously (improvised, unedited) by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, 2019 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.