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Custom songs – your ticket to giving – PresentSongs

PresentSongs is live! I’m so happy to let you know that I’m offering custom songs that you can give to someone you love. This is such a wonderful present to give.

Commissioned music has been around for a long time. Many of the great composers were able to support themselves by creating custom music for their patrons. However, songs and instrumentals created for this purpose are more rare these days. Imagine giving such a unique and memorable gift to someone you care about!

When you click the link to PresentSongs, you’ll discover much more about these custom songs. You’ll be able to hear some example songs. You’ll read what some previous recipients have said. You’ll be guided through creating a gift for someone you love.

Present This

Think of it as a song dedication. You get to truly dedicate a song (written and recorded by me along with any musicians I need to help create your masterpiece) to someone you love.

Can you imagine another gift that is so personalized and unique? With your help, I’ll do my best to make it a delightful match for your loved one. You get to give a song to show how much you care.

Add to the festivities

Whatever the occasion – holidays, birthdays, weddings, retirements, and so many more – you will have an excellent gift to present to someone you care about. Imagine playing a custom song for your friend or family member to heighten the celebration!

You can tell me as many stories and anecdotes as you like about your loved one. This will help shape the song and personalize it for your recipient. Plus, you get to choose their favorite genre of music (pop, rock, Classical, etc.) so that we can match their style.

More about custom songs

I’m calling this offering PresentSongs. You can learn more about them on the dedicated page for this commissioned music. There, you’ll also find examples of custom song dedications and much more information about this offering.

Check it out. And keep imagining what a beautiful present this song will be for someone you love.