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Working on it

Working at it: On getting older … and enjoying the ride

I started working a new job a few weeks ago. While I’m enjoying the work, I know that it will probably have an impact on my musical composer, songwriter, performer, and other creative pursuits. And I’m not even saying that those impacts will necessarily be “negative”.


As you know if you follow my blog regularly, I’ve had a day job in parallel to my creative life for many years. Now that I’m getting older, the solidity of working for someone else definitely has its appeal. Add to this some significant employer contributions to benefits (such as retirement funds) and you’ve got a nice recipe for attracting an artist like me.

I’m inspired to be working both at an excellent employer and as a freelance musician. The call of the muse has always been strong with me and there is no way to turn it off. I will never stop making music. How and where I make it have changed over the years. Right now that seems like a good thing.


When I was laid off a few years ago, I doubted myself. How could I trust my own capabilities if I couldn’t keep a job? But then, that doubt began to transform. In the face of my knowing about what’s really important in life, I began to piece together a more powerful sense of self-worth again.

The fact that I’m an improviser is proving to be powerfully beneficial, too. The improvisational mind is so helpful when significant change is underway. Knowing that I don’t always have to work harder to make stuff happen is an excellent lesson. I can trust my instincts because of the way that spontaneous creation is second nature for me.


Because of my age, I had worried that I might not be hired by a major employer for the rest of my working days. No matter what corporate web sites and employment agencies say, ageism is alive and well in the workplace (at least in the USA). I’ve encountered it myself and talked with many friends who have experienced it, too.

At the same time, it’s who you know. Yes, I can attest to this as well. If I hadn’t known people in the right places, I would not have this job. A friend reached out to me and told me about the job. The fact that he was the hiring manager was definitely in my favor.


Working on it

There is so much that’s new in my life at the moment: On the one hand, there is this new job. On the other hand, I’ve just started some new offerings at muz4now including commissioned or custom songs known as “PresentSongs“. All of this seems appropriate and wonderful.

The need for balance is apparent once again in my life. I’m grateful for what I’ve already learned about making my way in the world and I look forward to everything that these new ventures will teach me.

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  1. From your writings here, Stan, it’s seemed to me you’ve done a neat job of (re)balancing as needed pretty darn well, lol! Gotta work that core to do that (physically), but I’ve come to think it must parallel something spiritually also, and if so, that core’s been well oiled also

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