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what’s love got to do with it

One of the things I discovered while changing my business name is that it’s easy to become attached to things like names and mantras. That attachment (not being in the present moment) can be a significant distraction from things like creative pursuits: For example, making music. And in my case, the distraction worked like a charm. If it had not been for the wedding season, drum circles and a few buddies who like to jam, I might have made no music at all.

Now that muz4now™ is in place as my business name, it’s that much easier to let go of the old name. I get that the new name is a nonsense word. I made it up. To me, that’s a playful way of creating fun impressions of words that can incorporate lots of different meanings; sort of like poetry and the way it’s open to so many different interpretations. I’m a poet, musician, and improviser, so here are some of the mixed up ways that I can imagine muz4now represents some of what I do:

muz = muse, music, musicianship, musician

now = present moment, improvisation, in the moment/spontaneous composition

(Think of all the possible combinations with 4/for/fore/four between these two! I’m sure you can think of tons more! If you do, please add them as a comment at the bottom of this page.*)

But the business of changing the name of my corporate and web name distracted me from the core of doing what I love. Rather than continuing to live in my passion while literally “taking care of business”, I chose to focus almost solely on the name change. This — as you can probably guess — is not a good idea for a creative person, an artist. So, now, I can tell you what love’s got to do with it: love and passion have everything to do with the balance that’s required in a creative life. I — like any creative — must choose to balance practicing my art with the business of life — whether it be corporate paperwork or brushing my teeth after every meal.

Wishing you balance in your life.

Playful blessings,

* Yes. This means YOU — all my playful friends!

7 thoughts on “what’s love got to do with it”

  1. I started writing a comment here that was becoming as long as a blog post. You’ve inspired me. It fits perfectly with my blog and my passion.:)

    Thank you for being my Muse.

    Would it be ok to mention this blog post when I write mine?:)

    Enjoy the Muse-ic in Play.


    1. Mention my blog? That’s like music to a bloggers virtual ears! Yes, please.

      Thanks so much for connecting in such a beautiful way!

      Playful blessings,

  2. 🙂 Yay! I’m sorry it took so long. Been kind of out of balance lately. Thank you for being such a blessing to me.

    I don’t know when I’m going to get it posted. I’ll post a link on Twitter when I do.:)

    These song lyrics just popped in my head::)

    Let the muse-ic play.


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