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thunderstorm - Felix Mittermeier

Thunderstorm – a (perhaps strange) creative process story

It started off as a night that was supposed to be all about me starting work on the next album. The thunderstorm had other ideas.

Best Laid Plans

I learned some time ago that starting the next project soon after the previous one is essential. After almost every gig or album release, I feel the letdown of that prior project ending.

Yet, since the first experiences I can remember, my personal history has been about feelings. This means that I often let my emotions run my show.

While this is not always a good thing, tonight it was. Let’s see if you agree.

My plan was to finish a few meetings that I wanted to attend (a personal growth session and an improvisational ensemble rehearsal). Then, I would fire up the recording studio on my Mac and start to create the next album. Actually, I had three different ideas for how I’d start this project. But I figured I’d quickly focus on one of them.

It Was Just My Imagination

Before any of that and while I was joining a Zoom session, the power went out. My first thought was, “Hey, nothing’s happening! Why is the power out?” However, I quickly realized that the wind and clouds were much more dramatic than they had been previously.

I looked at the battery levels on my iPad. First, it was clear that I wouldn’t make it through both sessions with that much battery. Still, I made it through the first session and almost halfway through the second.

Running Away With Me

As I logged off and let the iPad “die”, I noticed that the rain and wind were trying to get my attention. Even if they had not, the thunderstorm was starting to boom and it could get anyone’s attention. That’s always the signal for me to go outside and enjoy it.

By now, the darkness had taken over. I knew there was no need to endanger my phone in the rain and, besides, this venture was not about taking photos. Instead, my only goal was to experience the thunderstorm.

Lightning and thunder are such great inspirations. I felt the pull to wander in several different directions. In the end, I decided to follow the road. This would allow me to have some open places where I could possibly see the drama of this thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm and Thunder. Storm.

Thunderstorm - by Felix Mittermeier

Sure enough, this stage play was all about a goddess who had been wronged. Now, she is demanding to be given her moment to shine. In the thunder, her voice echoed throughout the region. And in the lightning, she shone!

You must not ignore a goddess who needs room to express herself. She has no reason to be gentle or recalcitrant. You or someone you represent has wronged her. Now is the time to let her burst through with her full expression.

So, that is what we shall do. (Especially we too often ridiculous male-gendered folk who do not give this space to women.) Do it now. Otherwise, the thunder and lightning will continue to rage.

Thunderous Inspiration

Never underestimate the inspiration of nature. Frequently, it will create stories in my imagination like the one above. And just as often, nature is a pure muse.

Thunderstorms are an amazing display of nature’s power. The simple story I created from this display is only a pale testament: Each actual storm brings a climactic and breathtaking demonstration of its own influence.

Be True

When writing a blog post, one should have a conclusion or a moral to the story. That is not so with this post: I am simply telling you my story. So, here it is for any who would read.

I know that I feel simultaneously calmed and thrilled by this story and the experience I had behind it. You may understand what I’m talking about. If you do, go experience life! If you don’t, go experience your life anyway.

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