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Post gig inspiration – 5 tips to catch the wave

the big gigI’ve just come through two gigs that feel “big” in my world. I can sense the post-project doldrums could take over my life and while I want to honor that I’m genuinely tired, I also know that my general laziness and procrastination could sneak into my creative world if I don’t take action. So, I’m posting these five time-tested recommendations for you as a reminder to myself as well as suggestions to you.

Stay Healthy

After a gig — especially anything that’s a multi-day event or tour — it can be tempting to “relax” in unhealthy ways. Maybe yours is drinking too much or skipping workouts or calling in sick when you’re really not (and then, sometimes, suddenly you are sick). If you had a healthy-body routine before the gig, get back into it as soon as possible. I recommend particular attention to healthy eating (lots of vegetables to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs and more water than usual to ensure you’re flushing any toxins out) and regular exercise. Generally, practice the best self-care you can post-gig.

Lessons Learned

Debrief and review the gig as soon after it as you can. You did the gig with a team, so check in with them and see what feedback they have. You’ll need to pay attention to the things that need improvement. Even more importantly, notice the things that worked well and make a note to play up these strengths in rehearsals (or whatever you call your preparation for the next gig) and planning. Use those strengths as juice for the next three pointers.

Tap Into Inspiration

For me, this means getting out into nature. Whatever you normally go to find your muse, go there. Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you, “go after it with a stick”.


Whatever your gig is, practice it. If you’re a singer, sing. If you’re a painter, paint. If you’re a marketer, market. The point is that the gig should carry some momentum. Maximize that momentum by scheduling your next rehearsal (or planning session or whatever) in the wake of the previous gig so you can catch the wave.

Plan the Next Gigcatch the wave

This was not hard to guess, was it. Yeah, post-gig is a best time to seek out the next one. Maybe you made connections at the gig that will help you find a new venue or you heard about a new event that you can tap into.

Best wishes with your next gig … and especially with what comes after it.

Playful blessings,