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Process: How to become

How To Become (though I’m still in process)

Getting Started

The sky has a process of becoming what it is

With every project and process in our human lives, we must first get started.

For so many of us who pursue our creative arts, it is far too easy to question our motives, procrastinate, doubt, or fail to recognize the cathartic nature of the creative process. Though we may question this truth before we begin: following the muse is often the easiest path.

I Never Knew

In the process of becoming, we must be prepared to learn lots and to frequently admit what we don’t know.

Overcoming self-doubt does not mean we need to be less humble. In fact, creative pursuits are often humbling in themselves. It’s best to admit our limitations and failings. And then move on.

Newly Strung

Creative process requires persistence

Like fresh strings on a viola or cello, we sound new because we are.

And just like those fresh strings, one day we need the refreshment of another set. We need to be newly strung with surprising regularity.

Be Ready

Be ready for almost anything. We can’t always be prepared, but we can learn resilience so that we can carry on.

And read the whole story here:

Barely There

For some of us, there will be times when we can barely hang on … when we’re barely there. Those are the times when we must hang in there anyway.

This is also why it’s so important to have a support network. We need people in our lives who offer friendship and nurturing on many levels. Without them, the process and even life itself can become deeply difficult to maintain. Make friends and they will help to make you.


Process: How to become

Don’t be afraid to rest.

This is the acoustic version of “Restful Longing”:


Don’t make this harder than it is. Keep reaching for simplicity.

Begin Again

Any time you have a sense of completion, celebrate, and then begin again.

Though I am still in the process of becoming my best self, I truly believe this is “How To Become“.

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